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For many years, we have been successfully carrying out energy efficiency audits in the medium and large scale industries, achieving real energy savings. Our solutions lead to significant reductions in energy costs with production rates remaining unchanged, while maintaining the quality and reliability of the power supply. So far, more than 300 audits of industrial companies in all industries have been performed. We have implemented more than 3500 various detailed industrial projects which concerned the creation of saving patterns. The total cost of proposed modernization solutions exceeded USD 730,000,000.00, which contributed to the reduction in energy consumption by at least 3.9 TWh and resulted in savings of approximately USD 215 million.

DB Energy was established in November 2009 as a civil law partnership, in response to the growing demand for professional services related to the energy market. In March 2010, the company was transformed into a limited liability company. Between 2010 and 2017, the company was developing very dynamically, extending the range of services it offers - we have been expanding our competence in all areas of power engineering of industrial facilities. In 2016, as a reaction to market interest, the company commenced the implementation of the first EPC (Energy Performance Contract), and thus became an ESCO (Energy Saving Company). Development aimed at financing and implementing the energy efficiency investments was an impulse to transform DB Energy into a joint stock company in May 2017. By the end of this year, our plan is to float on New Connect (public market for small and innovative companies).

Expert knowledge and skills of our top professionals, together with many years of practical experience, allow us to accurately assess customer's optimal energy needs and all technical parameters connected with energy consumption, and further to implement solutions in a given company with a view to achieve significant energy-related savings (even up to 25% of annual energy costs can be saved).

Company's management board: 

  • Krzysztof Piontek, Ph.D. (habilitated), Associate Professor of the University of Economics in Wroclaw

    Ph.D. (habilitated) degree in economics, associate professor of Wrocław University of Economics of the Financial Investments and Risk Management Department. He graduated from the Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications of Wroclaw University of Technology and from the University of Economics. His specialization is the use of mathematical methods in finance, with particular focus on the analysis of time series. Head of the postgraduate studies 'Financial Analyst'. Stock investor. Former member of supervisory boards of two listed companies - Relpol S.A. and Doradcy24 S.A.
  • Dominik Brach, Ph.D.
    Vice president

    Ph.D. degree in economics of Wroclaw University of Economics. Long-term research fellow in the Department of Financial Investments and Risk Management. He specializes in corporate finance and real estate management. Founder and co-owner of MARSHAL Limited liability company which offers professional risk and insurance advisory services. Member of the Council of Employer's Organization of Polish Copper.
  • Piotr Danielski, Ph.D., Engineer
    Vice president

    Ph.D. degree in Technical Sciences. Graduated from doctoral studies in the Department of Electrical Power Engineering at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of Wroclaw University of Technology. His scientific and practical interest is in the renewable energy industry and the energy consumption of the industrial end-users. Specialist of the National Chamber of Commerce within the scope of energy efficiency, chairman of the energy efficiency group of the Chamber of Industrial Energy Engineering and Forum of Electricity and Gas Customers.

Supervisory board:

  • Ireneusz Wąsowicz - Chairman of the Supervisory Board
  • Ryszard Gumiński, Ph.D.
  • Mariusz Łoś 
  • Rafał Pisz 
  • Tomasz Słoński, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Wroclaw University of Economics

Our staff are the engineers (who graduated from Wroclaw University of Technology) with extensive practical experience in construction and operation of power installations. The company's facilities include didactic premises and laboratories, which are crucial for the purpose of training provided for new employees and allow us to test solutions offered to our clients. Since its formation, the company has been conducting research and development activities in the field of energy efficiency of the Polish industry and within the scope of electrical power machinery diagnostics for industrial purposes.

Business areaWorking with energy around the world

We have been successfully conducting energy efficiency audits in big and medium scale industries achieving significant energy savings for our clients. So far, according to our team's projects, modernizations have been carried out at a total cost of over USD 730 million, which allowed to reduce energy consumption by at least 3.9 TWh and save over USD 215 million.

Working with energy around the world