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Audit should be understood as a tool to check the current possibilities of improving energy efficiency in a company. With an experienced team of engineers and our own research and development department, we can achieve a significant reduction in energy consumption in big and large scale industries, while keeping production rates constant and maintaining quality and reliability of supply.

So far, we have carried out over 300 audits for industrial companies from all industries with an estimated modernization cost of USD 730 million, reducing energy consumption by over 3.9 TWh, achieving savings exceeding USD 215 million, applying for white certificates worth over USD 115 million, and also working for customers with geographically dispersed locations. We perform all types of audits concerning energy efficiency of enterprises.

Business areaWorking with energy around the world

We have been successfully conducting energy efficiency audits in big and medium scale industries achieving significant energy savings for our clients. So far, according to our team's projects, modernizations have been carried out at a total cost of over USD 730 million, which allowed to reduce energy consumption by at least 3.9 TWh and save over USD 215 million.

Working with energy around the world