DBE organizes training in the latest opportunities and techniques of energy efficiency improvement in industry, as well as within the scope of changes to legislation. We would like to invite you to take advantage of our extensive training offer- you will benefit from the up-to-date information based on knowledge and broad practical experience which is shared with you during training sessions.

Participants to our training sessions are provided with the knowledge which makes it possible for a company to implement currently valid provisions of law on energy efficiency in a quick and simple manner. They are also taught how to carry out a basic energy audit of an enterprise or how to introduce a power management system pursuant to applicable standards and the Energy Efficiency Act. Courses are supplemented with real life examples of white certificates obtained in accordance with the provisions of law currently in force (the new act) and ongoing reporting to the Energy Regulatory Office.

As a part of the training, participants will become familiar with:

  • rules on the preparation of documentation related with the release from a statutory duty within the scope of energy efficiency,
  • rules on carrying out an energy audit of an enterprise, or on the implementation of appropriate energy management systems which serve to release from a duty to perform an audit,
  • rules on choosing a method of implementation of an energy efficiency improvement program in an enterprise, with a view to achieve a 1.5% reduction in energy demand,
  • next stages of the verification of the basic performance indicators in an enterprise for the purpose of demonstrating the achieved results.

Business areaWorking with energy around the world

We have been successfully conducting energy efficiency audits in big and medium scale industries achieving significant energy savings for our clients. So far, according to our team's projects, modernizations have been carried out at a total cost of over USD 730 million, which allowed to reduce energy consumption by at least 3.9 TWh and save over USD 215 million.

Working with energy around the world