Increasing the cooling temperature of molds

Wherever chill water is used, it is possible to look at its parameters and try to optimize them for the purpose of the company's production process. This may often bring interesting energy effects.

One of our clients (plastics industry) has been able to increase the chilled water temperature without negatively impacting the production process.

Raising the chilled water temperature by several degrees increased the energy efficiency index by about 6%. The increase in the energy efficiency index has clearly led to a decrease in the electricity consumption of the devices which are to be subjected to the aforementioned activities.

As a result of the modernization, about 185,000 MWh / year have been saved. 

eng. Przemysław Kurylas
Project Director, DB Energy

Project Director, graduate of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Wrocław University of Technology, where he majored in automation and robotics. Specialist in energy efficiency industry. He has loads of long-standing experience in measuring and analyzing the performance of power grids. Head of the team responsible for the development of a specialized analyzer of operating status and efficiency of machines (APPS) and diagnostic system of drives (DiagSys).

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We have been successfully conducting energy efficiency audits in big and medium scale industries achieving significant energy savings for our clients. So far, according to our team's projects, modernizations have been carried out at a total cost of over USD 730 million, which allowed to reduce energy consumption by at least 3.9 TWh and save over USD 215 million.

Working with energy around the world